Keeping Your New Years Resolution in 2012

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The new year is here and you can be certain that everyone is talking about their resolutions. But are they talking about a resolution or a goal? Is there a difference? How do you reach a goal or resolution? Should you even care?

If you made the plan to “Lose 30 pounds,” you made a goal. A resolution would be to, “Stop ordering take out.” To quote The Happiness Project:

You hit a goal, you achieve a goal. You keep a resolution.

Goals can be great as long as they are realistic. Losing thirty pounds in one year seems perfectly attainable but you need a set of resolutions and guidelines in place to reach that goal. Not reaching a goal within the time set can also be discouraging. Using tools to measure and keep track of your progress can be a convenient way to keep you on track, and focused towards your goals.

Over the month of January, you can come back to the Work Train Fight Blog to find different ways to track your resolution and ideas to better tailor your goals or resolutions. We will show you what apps, devices, and just old pen and paper ways you can do it!

Happy new year!

The Happiness Project via Lifehacker