Work Train Fight


Eight years since opening its doors, WTF has transformed thousands of lives by teaching proper fighting techniques in an effective way while sharing the transformative power of the sport – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Alberto Ortiz founded Work Train Fight in 2009 on his 25th birthday. After growing up in the South Bronx and being surrounded by domestic violence, Alberto decided to make it his life mission to make everyone around him stronger. That’s when WTF was created, a boxing fitness facility dedicated to empowering everyone by making them physically and mentally strong. The concept was a huge hit, allowing WTF to expand quickly.


We boast a roster of hand-selected top trainers who undergo a year of specialized training, regardless of their background - yet they each have their own flavor and style. Learn more about them below!

Alberto "El Jefe" Ortiz

CEO, Instructor, Trainer

Amber "Fabulous AF" Trejo

Social Media Manager, Instructor, Trainer

Elena "No Chill" Carpi

Client Relations Manager, Instructor

Kate "Squat City" Hyman

Branding Manager, Instructor, Trainer

Nikki "No Touchy" Campbell

Talent Manager, Instructor, Trainer

Sonia "Bulldog" Langlotz

PR Manager, Instructor, Trainer

Chris "McFlurry" Sealey

Instructor, Trainer

Clint "Ninja" Patterson

Instructor, Trainer

Evan "Sofrito" Zoughy

Instructor, Trainer

Freddie “The Boxfather” Soto

Coach, Instructor

Geneva “G-Dawg$” Simms


Greg “Ladies Night” Taylor

Instructor, Trainer

Jeff “Whoop Whoop” Williams


Josh “Kid Slick” Christian

Instructor, Trainer

Luke “Mamba” Barrett


Mark “Glutes & Guts” Sayer

Instructor, Trainer

Martin “Happy Feet” Rios

Instructor, Trainer

Paul “Howdy” Lapine


Roderic “Hot Rod” Rosado

Instructor, Trainer

Victor “Moxie” Motta

Instructor, Trainer