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WORK Fitness has the best nationally certified personal trainers in New York City. We are recognized as the leading personal training facility in Soho / Noho area of downtown Manhattan. No matter what your training goals are – weight loss, strength training, boxing/kickboxing or general fitness – WTF will help you find the right personal trainer to assist you in reaching your goals. Our no nonsense attitude, combined with our passion for fitness and understanding of the human body, makes us the ideal fitness center for all your personal training needs. When training at WTF- expect nothing less than the best– WORK.


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One Hour Personal Training

1 Semi-Private Session

1 Boot Camp Class

WTF Gloves

Hand Wraps

and Gym Sack



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  1. Purchase the WTF Experience promo for only $97.
  2. Lets Schedule Your Personal Training First, you will receive an email after your purchase.
  3. Pick up your WTF gear when you first arrive.
  4. Your assigned WTF ambassador will assist you in booking your classes and Semi-PT.

*If you already have boxing experience, than you are more than welcome to sign up for a Class or Semi-PT before your one on one session.

** We also have Personal Training Promos Only, Contact Us if you only want Personal Training.

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Semi-Personal Training Schedule Overview

7:15 am7:15 am7:15 am7:15 am7:15 am
8:15 am8:15 am8:15 am8:15 am8:15 am
10:15 am10:15 am
12 noon12 noon12 noon11:15 am11:15 am
5:30 pm5:30 pm5:30 pm5:30 pm5:30 pm12:15 pm12:15 pm
6:30 pm6:30 pm6:30 pm6:30 pm6:30 pm
7:30 pm7:30 pm


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Personal Training Session, Semi-Pt, Boot Camp , Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps and Gym Sack

Only $97

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