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WORK TRAIN FIGHT is a boxing and strength training gym in SoHo|NoHo New York City. We offer boxing classes, personal training and access to our facility. All are welcomed; from fitness boxing to professional boxers, WTF is right for you.
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Class Description & Schedule

All Level Boxing
A great combination of boxing suited for everyone and circuits that includes trx’s, kettle bells, skill mills and much more. No contact.
Strength Work
A FITNESS ONLY class, to improve your lifting techniques, increase your strength and challenge your endurance.
Intermediate / Advanced Boxing
These classes are more technique based using more advanced boxing moves. Some partner work involved.
Body Sparring
A safe introduction to the competitive side of boxing, this class is meant to ease you in with partner BODY ONLY sparring.
We have novice (intermediate) and open (advanced) class sparring sessions. This is where you get in the ring and test out your skills.

8am Box All - Nikki

12pm Box All - Kate

5:45pm Box All - Donovan 

6:15pm Box Int - Nikki 

6:45 pm Box All - Donovan


7am Box All - Donovan

8am Box All - David

12pm Box All - Greg

5:45pm Box All - Donovan 

6:15pm Box Int - Nikki 

6:45 pm Box All - Aaron


8am Box All - Alberto

12pm Box All - Nikki

5:45pm Box All - Clint

6:15pm Box Int - Evan

6:45 pm Box All - Kate


7am Box All - David

8am Box All - Nikki

12pm Box All - Greg

5:45pm Body Spar - Donovan 

6:15pm Box Int - Greg

6:30pm Fight - Evan

6:45pm Strength - Kate


8am Box All - Donovan

12pm Box All - Daniel

5:45pm Box All - Evan



10am Strength - Donovan

11am Box All - Randy

12pm Box All - Greg


11am Box All - Kate

12pm Box All - Kate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is boxing at WTF for me?
Do you have arms and are NOT an ASSHOLE? If yes, then yup, our boxing program will make you stronger physically, mentally and spiritually.
What should I wear?
All clothes are accepted, but we recommend anything comfy that handles sweat well. Oh wait, we lied, NO ROMPERS allowed, you will get kicked out.
Do you provide boxing gear?
Yes, we are not one of those crappy studio places that charge you for air. We offer use of our NON SMELLY boxing gloves for FREE.
Do you have showers and towel service?
Yes & Yes. We are located in a bougie part of NYC, we need to make sure you look sexy AF when you leave this place, we don’t want you running into your ex looking disheveled.
How do I get there?
You can walk, run, bike, crawl, or Uber to 636 Broadway. But via mass transit, you can take the 6 to Bleecker street, the B,D,F,M to Broadway/Lafayette, or the R,W to Prince Street.
What makes wtf special?
We love what we do, we’re professional (ish*), we run a youth charity program and we really love dogs. Downside, we drink wayyy too much.