The WTF Experience

WORK Train Fight offers the Best Boxing Fitness Classes in NYC. We are located at:

NoHo: 636 Broadway, 2nd Floor between Bleecker and Houston

Chelsea: 153 27th st., 2nd Floor between 6 and 7th Ave. (Classes Only)

WHY WTF BOXING? because our boxing/circuit training method has proven to get our members fast results, injury free while still learning something new. What makes us different? Our instructors. They are all working REAL personal trainers who train smart, understand injury prevention, and teach real moves. However they are also ALL good people who want to change the world, they are participate in charity events to help fight cancer, end domestic violence and more. Please see the Give page for more details.


Burn 700 Calories or More Per Workout

No Experience? Perfect, No Bad Habits

Boxing is Safer Than Cycling and Running on a Treadmill

55 Mins of Intense Action

Easy Online and App Scheduling

Over 60 Sessions a Week

Friendly Staff and Atmosphere

Weights,  Kettlebells, TRX’s and More Included in Classes

Clean Showers and Towels Available

Good Will Company

Affordable Packages

No Gimmicks, Just WORK

Ready? Then WTF

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New Member Offer


 1 Personal Training Session

1 Semi-Private Session

1 Boot Camp Class

WTF Gloves

Hand Wraps

and Gym Sack


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  1. Purchase the WTF Experience promo for only $97.
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  3. Pick up your WTF gear when you first arrive.
  4. Your assigned WTF ambassador will assist you in booking your class and semi-PT.

*If you already have boxing experience,  you are welcome to sign up for a Class or Semi-PT  session immediately. 

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Class and Schedule Overview

630a Box Group630a Box Group630a Box Group
7a Box WORK7a WORK7a Box WORK7a Box WORK7a Box WORK930a Box WORK10a Box WORK
730a Box Group730a Box Group730a Box Group730a Box Group1030a Box Group 10111a Box WORK
8a Box WORK8a Box WORK8a Box WORK8a WORK8a Box WORK1030a Box WORK1130a Box Group-Int
10a Box WORK10a WORK10a Box WORK10a Box WORK10a Box WORK1130a Box Group-Int12p Box WORK
1130a Box WORK1130a Box WORK1130a Box WORK1130a Box WORK1130a Box Group-Int12p Box WORK
1p Box WORK1p Box WORK1p Box WORK1p WORK1p Box WORK1130a Box WORK1p WORK
545p Box WORK545p Box WORK545p WORK545p WORK545p Box WORK1230p Box WORK
615p Box Group615p Box Group615p Box Group-Int615p Box Group545p Box Group-Int1230p Fight
645p WORK645p Box WORK645p Box WORK645p Box WORK645p Box WORK130p Box WORK
745p Box WORK715p Box Group745p Box WORK745p Box WORK
745p WORK

* = Not for beginner boxers

Box WORK – Our signature class, boxing and fitness training with some of the hottest new fitness modalities in the market. (No Contact)

WORK –  Hardcore circuit training class including TRX, dumbbells, kettle bells, and more to get you in fighting shape. (No Boxing)

Box Group – Focuses more on boxing techniques and gives you a more authentic training experience. (Takes place in the Front Studio)

Box Group Intermediate*- Advanced boxing technique work to take your boxing to a whole new level. (Some Contact Involved)

Fight* – The name says it all. Here, we practice what you’ve learned at WTF in a controlled sparring environment. (Obviously A lot of Contact, DUH!)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WTF for me?

Are you a good person? If Yes,  then you are welcomed. We have a strict Asshole-free policy in effect.

 What should I wear to my WTF sessions?

Anything comfortable that covers all your private parts.

Where are you located?

636 Broadway on the 2nd floor between Bleecker and Houston in Downtown Noho New York City. How do you get there? Click Here to go to our contact page to see nearby subway stations.

Am I ready to join the intermediate and fight class?

Do you know how to wrap your own hands, slip/weave and truly know the difference between left and right? If yes, then you’re good to go.

Ready to Start?

1 Personal Training, 1 Semi- Private, 1 Boot Camp

 WTF Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps and Gym Sack

Only $97

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